Bosselmann, Prof Klaus  Waiheke Island, Auckland   New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, University of Auckland

Bosselmann, Prof Klaus Waiheke Island, Auckland 

New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, University of Auckland

Klaus Bosselmann is a prolific writer and leading authority on legal and ethical frameworks for sustainability and has been active in the drafting and implementation of the ‘Earth Charter’. He has developed a clear vision for the sustainable development of Aotearoa New Zealand and is a Founding Board member of SANZ. He is Professor of Law and Director of the New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law at The University of Auckland. His special interests include law and policy on climate change, biodiversity and biotechnology as well as issues of local, national and global governance. Further professional associations: Trustee, New Zealand Sustainable Communities Trust; Chair, Earth Charter Aotearoa New Zealand (ECANZ); Co-Chair, Ethics Specialist Group of the World Conservation Union (IUCN); Member, IUCN Commission on Environmental Law, IUCN Academy of Environmental Law and International Law Association. As a member of the SANZ Board Klaus is particularly interested in a national strategy for sustainable development and in sustainability education (UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development).

  Cartwright, Dr Wayne   Franklin, Auckland

Cartwright, Dr Wayne
Franklin, Auckland

Dr Wayne Cartwright is Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management in the Department of International Business of the University of Auckland, a Company Director, and Business Consultant. Wayne teaches in the fields of corporate and business strategy and corporate governance, including management for sustainability. He is also a business practitioner and currently serves as chairman of listed company CER Group Ltd, which operates businesses oriented towards sustainability. He is a director of The Natural Step New Zealand, with particular interest in encouraging wider application of TNS principles in businesses. Wayne is also a trustee of Enterprise Franklin Development Trust. As a consultant, Wayne has served companies in a wide range of industries, with some emphasis on the land-based sector and science providers, much of this utilising his approach to long-term global foresighting. In recent years Wayne’s interests have increasingly focussed on the challenges for corporate governance and management of aligning businesses with the principles of global sustainability. Wayne has been a member of the SANZ Board since its inception and has engaged strongly in the processes of developing the strategic direction of SANZ.

  Howell, Dr Robert  Auckland

Howell, Dr Robert Auckland

Dr Robert Howell is currently CEO of the Council for Socially Responsible Investment, and a contract university teacher. He is a highly experienced and qualified university teacher, CEO, and consultant with competencies in strategic visioning, strategic planning, governance and policy setting, organisational and systems design and implementation, and business ethics. He has a wide ranging experience having worked in advisory, teaching and CEO positions in the health, local authority, international education, and non-profit sectors. During recent years has developed competencies in writing and teaching the ethical, economic, business, policy and conflict implications of climate change, environmental degradation and sustainability. He is a Quaker and led the 12 year Project dealing with the introduction of non-violent conflict resolution training into the Indonesian police. He is one of the Quaker authors of Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy; and a member of Quaker Committees at New Zealand, Asia West Pacific, and international levels, concerned with ecological, economic and ethical matters.

  Lawton, Dr Maggie  (co-Deputy Chair)  Counties Manukau, Auckland

Lawton, Dr Maggie (co-Deputy Chair)

Counties Manukau, Auckland

Dr Maggie Lawton's work and passion is to achieve a sustainable New Zealand. For fifteen years I was a member of the Executive Team at Landcare Research and had the great fortune to be involved in a wide range of research and policy issues including climate change, land use and land use change, catchment management; in fact almost all aspects of sustainable development. New Zealand has the ability to show global leadership, organisations like SANZ need to show it how.

Since leaving Landcare Research in September 2006 I have developed a consulting business working in the following areas:

  • Developing sustainable practices within business and local government, including incorporating sustainable development into strategic plans and operations, developing procurement policies and sustainability reporting.
  • Applied research and technology transfer in sustainable building design and construction, integrated catchment management, low impact urban design and development and rural land use.
  • Identifying and facilitating research plans and portfolios for business and local government, including identifying key research providers and funding mechanisms to obtain a partnership approach to providing research to support sustainable business and governance
  • Strategy development, research planning and relationship management.

My education and qualifications are a BSc in biochemistry and a PhD in Chemistry plus more recently a number of papers related to sustainable development. I have previously served on various Boards including the Foundation for Science Research and Technology, the Marsden Fund Committee; I was an inaugural member of the Sustainable Business Network board and am currently a Trustee of Tane’s Tree Trust.

  Peet, Dr John (Chair)  Senior Lecturer (retired)   Christchurch, Canterbury  University of Canterbury

Peet, Dr John (Chair)
Senior Lecturer (retired) 

Christchurch, Canterbury

University of Canterbury

Dr John Peet B.Sc., Ph.D., FIChemE, FIPENZ, FNZIC, MRSNZ, is a chemical engineer whose main focus in recent years has been sustainable development. He is author of a book on Energy and the Ecological Economics of Sustainability and papers on systems, sustainability and the ethical requirements of stakeholder involvement. Born in the UK, he has lived in NZ for the last 45 years. John was a Board member of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), is a past President of Engineers for Social Responsibility (ESR) and is a founding member of Sustainable Otautahi Christchurch (SOC). John is a member of the Editorial Boards of: International Journal of Sustainable Development, International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology, International Journal of Transdisciplinary Research and Pacific Ecologist.

  Salinger, Dr Jim  Auckland   Companion, Royal Society of New Zealand

Salinger, Dr Jim

Companion, Royal Society of New Zealand

Dr Jim Salinger, PhD and MPhil is a world-renowned scientist specialising in climate prediction and impacts studies, particularly on agriculture. He is a lead member of the Pacific Island’s Global Climate Observing System steering group, and is the Project Director for the Island Climate Update, a regular monthly seasonal climate forecasting initiative for the South Pacific. He has been researching New Zealand and South Pacific climates for 30 years, and was a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently released Fourth Assessment Report. Jim has been very active in sustainability matters, being convenor of the Sustainable Auckland Congress held in 2003. Since then he has been Co Chair of the Sustainable Development Forum leading fora which were very successful in providing networking opportunities for people in sustainability, interaction with central government and development of advice on sustainability. Jim is President of the World Meteorological Organisation's Commission for Agricultural Meteorology.

  Santa Barbara, Jack  Board Member, International Forum on Globalization  Motueka

Santa Barbara, Jack
Board Member, International Forum on Globalization


Board Member, International Forum on Globalization, 2007- present. Moved to New Zealand to support the development of a sustainable village (, 2007. Presentation "Negotiating the Future: Energy, Climate and Violent Conflict” at the Congreso Interdisciplinario de Negociacion, Globalizacion y Ethica Responsabilidad social Empresaria, in Buenos Aires, November, 2006. Board Member, Earth Economics, a Seattle, WA, NGO. 2006 – 2008 Organized a conference on Energy and the Environment, in Washington, D.C. with two colleagues. “Peak Oil and the Environment” 2006, Established an NGO, The Sustainable Scale Project, dedicated to implementing policies and practices arising from ecological economics, as a means of contributing to peace with nature, and with future generations (, 2002. 2003, Supported the development and publication of a college textbook on ecological economics, “Ecological Economics: Principles and Applications” by Herman Daly, and Josh Farley. Accompanying workbook published in 2005: “Ecological Economics: a workbook for problem based learning.” By Josh Farley, Jon Erickson and Herman Daly. Support various activities of the International Forum on Globalization (IFG) with whom the Sustainable Scale Project partnered to initiate an Energy Futures project. This collaboration has resulted in two international workshops and the publication of a series of papers starting with “The False Promise of Biofuels” in 2007. Other “False Solutions” papers on coal and nuclear energy are in preparation. 2006 to present. 2005 – present Financial support for the establishment of the EROI Institute at the State University of New York at Syracuse, under the direction of Professor Charles Hall. Participated in 2006 in a major project of the Institute to review the existing EROI (net energy) data for a variety of traditional and alternative energy sources. Subsequently published on The Oil Drum.

  Trerise, Kevin  Professional Training and Coaching Consultant  Hastings, Hawkes Bay

Trerise, Kevin
Professional Training and Coaching Consultant

Hastings, Hawkes Bay

Kevin Trerise has a master’s degree in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath UK, and a post graduate Diploma in Business and Administration from Massey University. His background is in emergency management and holds national and international qualifications in Fire Engineering. Prior to 2001 he held regional management positions with national responsibilities related to changing behaviours. Kevin has a consultancy as a business and leadership development coach, providing strategic business planning guidance with socially responsible considerations. He currently chairs the Sustaining Hawke’s Bay Trust, a group working to have sustainable practices widely adopted in Hawke’s Bay rural and urban sectors. He has always been actively involved in projects that promote community wellbeing having previously been a foundation trustee and later chairing the Life Education Trust Hawke’s Bay. He is a mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand. Coming from the Hawke’s Bay, Kevin has real energy for regional engagement of sustainability issues. He has a keen interest in getting sustainability issues widely discussed and debated and in having the strong sustainability model adopted in business and community activities. He believes that by all interested groups working together in a cooperative manner, we will achieve the change of worldview that is needed for harmony between environmental, social and economic factors. Kevin brings to the SANZ Board, general management as well as practical governance experience, and understanding of the not for profit and business sectors. Kevin applies leadership and management theory and practice in a dynamic, meaningful and useful way.

  Verity, Rex  (co-Deputy Chair)   Christchurch, Canterbury   Environmental Manager, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology  Christchurch, Canterbury

Verity, Rex
(co-Deputy Chair) 

Christchurch, Canterbury 

Environmental Manager, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Christchurch, Canterbury

Rex Verity has a background of successful grassroots action, leadership and governance. He is currently Environmental Manager and Sustainability Advocate at Christchurch Polytechnic, board member of the NZ Chapter of the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand and a member of the Canterbury Tertiary Alliance Environmental Sustainability Working Group (linking and coordinating developments at University of Canterbury, Lincoln University and CPIT), Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability, the Sustainable Business Network and Sustainable Otautahi Christchurch. Rex has previously been managing director of the Sustainable Cities Trust, the Environmental Education and Employment Trust and the Canterbury Community Business Trust. Prior to that he worked as an organic farmer, a pharmaceutical company manager, teacher and nurse. Rex has extensive community-based experience, in leadership roles in community organisations (area health committees, environmental action, women's refuge, international aid, peace and organic groups) and national movements (e.g. conference organiser and magazine editor for Soil and Health, founding member of the Values and Green Parties, and National Convenor of the Greens, 1993-96). His whanau background is pakeha, Ngati Maniapoto and Waitaha.