Phase2 is the public name of Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand Inc, a charitable trust run by an elected board. 

The board is assisted by Wendy Reid, Executive Director.

The term phase2 refers to the second phase of human development, a phase in which we must learn to live within our environment's capacity to support human life.

Our first phase of development was characterized by two goals: survival and growth. But for any species whose habitat is of a finite size (with finite resources) and has a finite ability to rejuvenate, unqualified 'growth' eventually becomes a barrier to survival. Our own evolutionary success has brought us to this crossroads where we find ourselves experiencing real and escalating shortages of the land, air, water, and fuel that we need to survive. There is no blame or shame here — we were always going to reach this point — and we were always going to have to modify our collective course.

Our objectives

The core objectives of phase2 are:

  1. To provide intellectual leadership on science- and ethics-based (strong) sustainability.
  2. To encourage and facilitate debate, action and adoption of science- and ethics-based (strong) sustainability.

Additionally, we hope this web site motivates, empowers, and inspires you. Please do contact us with suggestions and feedback.


Our legal representatives are Kahui Legal, Wellington.

Our vision

That the people of Aotearoa New Zealand practice, live and demonstrate sustainability in all that they do.

We will achieve our vision by:

  1. Promoting the realisation of the vision in a way that motivates, empowers and inspires;
  2. Fostering the emergence of Aotearoa New Zealand as a society that exercises guardianship of the community of life (kaitiakitanga) with respect to ecosystems, natural resources, healthy communities, free and responsible citizens;
  3. Promoting whole systems thinking and design;
  4. Engaging members and all sectors of society to contribute to the vision of a sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand through consensus building;
  5. Linking members to create a powerful and empowering voice for sustainability in Aotearoa New Zealand;
  6. Identifying and promoting appropriate sustainability principles, objectives, strategies, actions and indicators to support progress to greater levels of sustainability;
  7. Promoting ethical and scientific rigour in sustainable practice through research, development, education and information sharing;
  8. Learning from and valuing diverse knowledge systems and ways of understanding.